Use Your Imagination - DIY

Choose from Two Remix Packages

$9.99 each (50% off!) (No Monetization)*

Acapella WAV's - Dry & Wet

* Download and utilize the acapella to create your own remix! post it on SoundCloud or send it to friends, but monetization isn’t allowed, so no Spotify or premium services.

$249.99 each (50% off!) (Monetization)**

Acapella WAV's - Dry & Wet Instrumental Stems - Lead / Background Vocals Dry & Wet Album Art 40/60 Master Split

** Download the full stem session to create your own version! Upload and distribute your official remix to Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever services you’d like, retain 40% of the master recording rights, and promote! It’s a small investment for big potential!

Please read the terms & conditions before purchasing.

Then, head over to SPLICE and download my new Vocal Sample Pack “Use Your Imagination.” The sample pack includes multiple samples in the keys and tempo’s of all the songs on the album.


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